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Nobody Wants to Hire You

It's nothing personal. But given a choice, hiring a lawyer or an accountant isn't at the top of most people's lists of enjoyable ways to spend their money. And these days, there are more do-it-yourself resources out there providing a less expensive alternative. You could be competing with an online template for employment contracts or a will, do-it-yourself tax software, an online dispute resolution platform or increased in-house expertise. For consumers unaccustomed to hiring professional advisors, the process can be intimidating.

You know the value you offer. Do your prospects? Do they have a clear idea of how much a talented and experienced professional brings to the table? And the risk they may be taking by using an alternative option, or taking no action at all? Do they know what it might really cost to work with you? (Hint: it may be less than they think.) Removing the fear and explaining the value will encourage that hesitant prospect to say yes.

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