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Can You Answer 'Why us'?

There are a lot of firms out there. A lot of competition who all offer the same services delivered by highly educated and qualified staff. So why should a prospect choose your firm? The website of U.S. based law firm Bartlit Beck LLP does a compelling job explaining how they differ from the competition and why a prospect should select them.

While most firms offer vague arguments (eg. 'we understand business' or we 'have a deep commitment to client service') Bartlit Beck LLP gives specific reasons and backs up many of their statements with stats. Here's a few that stand out:

  • We do not bill by the hour.

  • We think we should get paid more if we win and less if we lose.

  • We invest heavily in training our lawyers with the intention that they will spend their careers here (our annual attrition rate of ~1‑2% stands in stark contrast to reported competitor rates as high as 25%), and we promote from within rather than hiring lateral partners.

  • In every year of the last decade, about 80% of our lawyers have taken or defended depositions, two-thirds have argued substantive motions, and over half have gone to trial.

  • Over the last decade, about half of our new associates are diverse. Likewise, over the last decade, about half of our new partners are diverse.

Their section on 'our approach' is written in clear, short sentences; each one communicating a different aspect of their approach to a file. It's worth a look.

Does your firm website offer prospects tangible reasons for selecting you? Does it stand out or blend in?

For more on this topic, check out - Does your firm description set you apart?

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