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Your personal brand could mean winning – or losing – the next file

As a marketer, I always enjoy listening to a podcast of Under The Influence, the CBC Radio show hosted by Terry O’Reilly. A recent episode on ‘selling yourself: the art of personal branding‘ focused on advice for job seekers. Lawyers, accountants and others in private practice should take a listen. They may have a job, but every day there are new files, and much like a job seeker, there are ways to increase the likelihood of being selected for the next matter. A few of the take-away messages that lawyers should pick up on include:

  1. People are looking for an expert, not a generalist

  2. Anyone with no social media presence will be considered a) technologically incompetent or (and perhaps worse), b) someone not up on the latest issues and with nothing interesting to say

  3. Your online web and LinkedIn profile are the lawyer’s equivalent of a first interview for a job seeker. You might be eliminated from contention for a new matter without even knowing it.

There are lots of other helpful tidbits that will make it a worthwhile half hour. You can give it a listen here.

For more tips, see 'How soon should lawyers be on LinkedIn? Now.'

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