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What steps can EVERY member of your firm take to satisfy a client?

My fridge died. Actually it was nicer to me than that. It went into intensive care which gave me a bit of time to find its replacement before I pulled the plug. So off I went one afternoon with the sole mission of buying a new fridge. My plan was simple – hit 3 or 4 shops to compare choices and make a decision. The last place I hit was Home Depot which had a great option. But I’d forgotten to check if the price of another fridge at another shop included shipping and taking the old one away. So I got out my phone to call them. But before they could answer the call the Home Depot sales assistant answered my question. The price at the competitor did include delivery. And then she instantly waived the Home Depot fee. And with that she made the sale.

What impressed me most was that the sales assistant had the authority to make the decision right there on the spot. No need to check with a manager or fill out a form. No need for me to show her the advertised price anywhere else. And it worked.

At professional firms, junior professionals as well as receptionists, PAs, post and print room staff, the IT department and others all have enormous levels of interaction with clients and prospects. Are they empowered in the same way as the Home Depot sales assistant to make a sale or satisfy a client? The Ritz Carlton famously gives EVERY employees the right to spend $2000 a day to resolve any guest issues that arise. The guests love it, but so do the Ritz employees who have a much lower turnover rate than elsewhere in the hotel industry.

Has your firm had success empowering staff to act to satisfy clients? What are some of the benefits have you seen?

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