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Kelly Santini


Connecting with clients: conveying a firm’s unique personality

Developing an over-arching message that encapsulates a firm’s ethos is challenging for any professional service firm, especially one that offers a large number of services to a diverse client base. For Kelly Santini LLP, it’s an unparalleled commitment to service that sets the firm apart. Whether the client is a first-time home buyer, a successful business owner who is ready to sell, or an insurer looking to close a file, this team has your back.


And that’s what inspired the firm’s new brand positioning:

Understanding what matters.

Every client. Any issue. What's important to you is essential to us.


This message helps the firm standout against it competitors and speaks to every client or prospect. It’s expressed both in text and through visuals on the firm’s site. The lawyers’ profile photos, for example, are shot in a close and personal manner to help visitors connect give them the sense that their lawyer is there to listen.

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