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Opportunity in numbers

When we started working with GGFL in 2015, the firm was ready for change. The leadership team had committed to a series of ambitious goals that included being recognized as a top employer in the city, building its brand presence, and importantly, driving significant growth.

Temple Partnership was tasked with helping the firm reach its goals through a brand strategy and communications plan.


We started with a series of interviews with people at the firm, and spoke to the managing partner, the receptionist, and many people in between. To ensure we had an outside perspective, we also met with several GGFL clients from a range of industries. And, of course, we completed a competitive review to understand GGFL’s current market position, and where the best opportunities could be found.


Our work revealed the key things that make GGFL unique:

  • A depth of tax expertise that is unusual for a firm of its size;

  • Whole-business advice that goes beyond simply looking at the books—delivered by smart people who happen to be accountants;

  • A team-based, proactive attitude toward clients’ business; and

  • Established in, and working closely with, the Ottawa business community.


It was important for us to not only establish GGFL as a successful firm, but also to help clients self-select. This is not the place to bring your personal tax returns. Here’s where we landed:

GGFL is the tax planning and accounting firm for Ottawa’s successful business people.

Work with our team to see the opportunity in your numbers.


Next was an update to GGFL’s visual brand. Our challenge was to translate a conservative and dated identity into a modern, vibrant one without damaging GGFL’s significant brand equity. Our fabulous designer achieved this by adapting the essential elements, rather than simply throwing them away. 

Finally, we completely revamped the firm’s website, revising the information architecture, updating the design and functionality, and creating all new content— including copy, video and photography.


Design Partners: Blacmao, Bioniq

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